Phillips 66

Oil and Gas

Phillips 66 is an oil and gas firm that is engaged in marketing, transportation, midstream services, and oil refining business.

The energy company also owns and operates power generation facilities and manufactures chemicals. The oil and gas company through its transportation and distribution network ships natural gas liquids.

Phillips 66 produces and markets crude oil, petroleum solvents, coke products, and polypropylene. The energy company claims to be a leading producer of high-quality specialty cokes and operates through six refineries.

Under the trading symbol ‘PSX’, the company stock are traded and listed on the New York Stock Exchange. Phillips 66 has 13 refineries across Europe and the United States and engage in processing crude oil and other feed stocks. The company claims to have refining capacity of 2.2 million of crude oil per day and transports crude oil and stores natural gas liquids.

The energy firm operates through Conoco Phillips Gas & Co, Douglas Oil Co of California, Phillips 66 Canada Ltd, Conoco Phillips Ireland Ltd, and Pioneer Pipeline Company. The company also produces crude oil, specialty chemicals, and asphalt.

Through its partner Chevron Phillips Chemical Company LLC, the company is engaged in marketing and production of plastics and petrochemicals for various customers worldwide.

The firm operates through its Texas-based subsidiary Phillips 66 Partners engages in shipping, refining, commercialization, and processing of energy products like petroleum, crude oil, NGLs, and petro-products. In addition, the company also indulges in terminaling, fractionation, and storage services across the United States.

The company was formed in 2013 to acquire, develop, own, and operate mainly midstream assets that are based on fee. As of December 31, 2020, the company claimed to own 170 million common units of Phillips 66 Partners. It represents a 74 per cent limited partner interest in the firm, the oil and gas company claims. Phillips 66 Partners’ assets include NGL terminals, operated refineries, natural gas pipeline systems, refined petroleum product, marine vessels, crude oil, a petroleum coke handling facility, trucks and railcars.

Contact Information

company address 2331 CityWest Blvd., Houston, Texas 77042

company phone: 281-293-6600


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