Vale SA, a publicly traded firm, is a leading producer of iron ore and nickel.

The metal and mining company was founded in June 1942 as joint stock corporation with headquarters in Rio de Janerio, Brazil. It also owns and operates maritime and railroads terminals.

The company produces metallurgical and thermal coal, copper, potash, phosphates, fertilizer nutrients, ferroalloys, manganese ore, platinum group metals, silver, gold, cobalt, raw materials for steel making, nickel and iron ore.

It operates under three lines of business:
• Ferrous Minerals
• Base Metals
• Coal

Under the Ferrous Minerals segment, the company is engaged in the extraction and production of iron ore pellets, manganese & ferroalloys, iron ore fines, and other ferrous products. In addition, the mining company also supports logistic services under this segment.

The company has coal operations in Mozambique where it operates through a subsidiary and engages in extraction and production thermal and metallurgical coal.

Base Metal operations include production of non-ferrous minerals such as nickel, concentrated copper, cobalt, etc. The company operates nickel mines and related activities through Vale Canada Limited, a wholly owned subsidiary. It has operations in New Caledonia, Canada and Indonesia.

The metals and mining company produces copper concentrates through two properties located in Brazil’s Para State.

The company’s ADRs are listed on the New York Stock Exchange with the ticker ‘VALE’. American Depository Receipts enables US-based investors to trade in the securities of a foreign companies.

Apart from metal production and mining, the company also does business in logistics, energy, and steel making.

The international mining company aims to double the representation of women in the organization by 2030.

The company operates through various affiliates, joint ventures partnerships and subsidiaries, including Ferrovia Norte Sul SA, PT Vale Indonesia TBX, Vale Canada Limited, Vale fertilizers SA, Vale International SA, Vale Shipping Holding PTE Ltd, etc.

Contact Information

company address Praia de Botafogo, 186 Rio De Janerio, RJ 22250-145 Brazil.

company phone55-213485-5000

company email[email protected]


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