Stag Industrial Inc (NYSE:STAG)


Stag Industrial Inc is a REITs company that focuses on acquiring, owning, and operating single-tenant industrial properties across the United States. Most of the revenue, the company derives from warehouse and distribution buildings.

Most of the facilities are situated in the Midwestern and Eastern United States. From its diversified warehouse and distribution properties, the company generates nearly all its income in rental income form and derives majority of its rental revenue from its facilities in Midwestern and Eastern United States cities.

A majority of its customers are industrial equipment, automotive, and logistic companies. The company’s headquarters is in Boston, Massachusetts.

Stag Industrial Inc trades on the New York Stock Exchange market (NYSE), under the ticker symbol ‘STAG’. It has 551 buildings in 40 states covering nearly 110.1 million rentable square feet (December 31, 2021).

Its acquisition properties include vacant and partially vacant buildings, single and two-tenant, and industrial buildings. These properties are used in warehouse, distribution, and light manufacturing. The acquisition properties situated in all over the United States, mainly focuses on tertiary locations and primary and secondary industrial markets, including Milwaukee, San Diego, Pittsburgh, Tampa, Phoenix, Dallas, Greenville, Baltimore, and Columbia.

Its assets management include 95 leases and covers 13.7 million square feet.

The company's portfolio of properties includes:

• 11720 Peel Circle, La Vista, NE

• 1590 W Stearns Road

• 1862 Suncast Lane, Batavia, IL

• 2139 Bond Street, Grand Junction, CO

• 4150 Ronald Reagan Boulevard, Johnstown, CO

• 4300 Godding Hollow Parkway, Longmont, CO

• 5330 Crosswinds Drive, Columbus, OH

• 2815 South Gettysburg Avenue, Dayton, OH

• 2800 Concorde Drive, Dayton, OH and more.

Its available properties include

• 38220 Plymouth Rd

• 40-60 Industrial Pky

• 107 Southchase Blvd

• 103 Hill Ct

• 2400 Sweeney Dr

Contact Information

company address One Federal Street 23rd floor, Boston, Massachusetts, 2110, United States

company phone617-574-4777

company website

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