Enterprise Products Partners LP (NYSE:EPD)


Enterprise Prods Partners LP is a publicly traded partnership that provides energy processing and transportation services, including gathering, storage, etc.

It caters to consumers and producers of refined oil products, natural gas, petrochemicals, crude oil, marine transportation and natural gas liquids. In addition, the energy company manufactures motor gasoline used as a fuel in commercial and residential heating.

The stocks with the ticker ‘EPD’ trade on the New York Stock Exchange.The core midstream operations include:

• Natural gas: Processing, treating, storage, gathering and transportation

• Natural gas liquids: Storage, fractionation, transportation, and export terminal

• Crude oil: Transportation, terminals, gathering and storage

• Petrochemical products: Includes export, transportation, and terminal activities

The company’s headquarters are located in Houston, Texas. It was formed as a wholesale marketer for NGL in 1968. The midstream energy services provider went public in 1998.

Enterprise Products Holding LLC, a general partner, manages the partnership and holds non-economic interests. It is a wholly owned subsidiary of Texas-based private company Dun Duncan LLC.

The midstream energy company primarily conducts its business through Enterprise Products Operating LLC and its subsidiaries.

The Houston-based company claims to maintain and capitalize on expected market demand growth for crude oil, natural gas, NGLs, and petrochemical and refined products. Apart from these, the company owns an extensive portfolio of midstream energy assets, including 21 processing facilities in Texas, Louisiana, Colorado, Wyoming, etc.

The US-based company operates the natural gas liquids business through a fleet of 880 rail cars and 135 tank trucks. Through its extensive fleet, it facilitates the transportation of NGLs across North America.

In addition, the portfolio also consists of terminal facilities in Louisiana, New York, Kansas, Arizona, North Carolina, Minnesota, and Texas.

Some of the affiliates include Doxie Pipeline Company, Independence Hub LLC, Enterprise Texas Pipeline LLC, White River Hub LLC, Petal Gas Storage LLC, Mont Belvieu Caverns LLC, Enterprises Field Services LLC, Maple tree LLC.

The company claims to have a sustainable cash flow by investing in pipelines and energy-related infrastructure.

Contact Information

company address "1100 Louisiana Street 10th floor Houston, TX 77002 United States."

company phone405-606-4500

company email[email protected]

company websitewww.enterpriseproducts.com

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