BP or BP p.l.c (NYSE:BP) is a multinational integrated energy company (IEC) that deals in oil, natural gas and petrochemicals.

The global energy firm is a parent of BP group of companies. It was founded in 1909 in Wales and England. In 2001, the company rebranded itself as BP p.l.c. Various subsidiaries operate as separate legal entities and retain their independent operations.

The company is engaged in renewable energy generation and distribution, marketing, manufacturing, sale and production of petroleum products, chemicals, natural gas, etc.

The energy company produced various chemicals, including terephthalic acid, acetic acid, polyethylene, ethylene and acrylonitrile.

It operates under the four segments:

• Downstream
• Upstream
• Rosneft
• Corporate and business

The upstream segment manages activities in natural gas exploration, oil, field production and development, while the downstream segment caters to manufacturing and marketing operations of petrochemicals, lubricants, and various fuels on behalf of the firm.

Rosneft is a refinery that owns and operates around 13 refineries in Germany, one each in Belarus and India.

The company has its ordinary shares listed on the London Stock Exchange and Frankfurt Stock Exchange. Its ADSs or American Depository Shares are listed under the symbol 'BP' on NYSE.

ADS refers to shares in foreign companies held by depository banks based in US and are available for trading on domestic stock exchanges like NYSE.

The British energy firm operates through various domestic and international subsidiaries, including:
• Amoco
• Castro
• Aral
• BP Pulse
• Lightsource BP
• BP International Limited
• Purina Mills
• BP shipping
• BP Europa SE
• Butamax Advanced Biofuels LLC etc.


The integrated energy company caters to various sectors such as commercial airlines, JV operators, business jet operators, military, national oil companies, aircraft and helicopter operators, industries, etc.

The oil and gas company operates through an integrated and extensive network spanning five continents: South America, North America, Australia, Africa, Asia and Europe.

It is regulated by the British government and claims to follow a competitive pricing strategy.

Contact Information

company address 1 St James’s Square London SW1Y 4PD UK

company phone800 333 3991

company email[email protected]

company websitewww.bp.com

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