American Water Works Company Inc (NYSE:AWK)


American Water Works Company is a public company that provides wastewater and water services throughout the United States.

The company has various subsidiaries and divisions under its brand through which it engages in the operations of providing municipal drinking water and manages the wastewater systems.

The water utility firm provides a wide range of services for residential communities in water management. It also engages in supplying potable water.

In addition, the company also offers certain water utility services to the military bases in the United States.

The US-based publicly traded company works under two core divisions: regulated and market-based businesses.

Regulated Businesses Segment

The segment focuses on the water and wastewater operations of the company with a focus on regulated utilities.

Market-Based Businesses

The segment is comprised of the operations of various sectors, which includes:
• Contract Operations Group
• Keystone Operations
• Military Services Group
• Homeowner Services Group (HSG)

Under the HSG segment, the US-based firm provides home services, including warranty protection programs, to household units for electric lines, external and internal sewage and water lines, water heaters, home appliances, cooling and heating systems, and other related services.

As part of its Utilities Privatization Program, the firm operates on 17 military installations under fifty-year contracts under its military services group. The company says that under the contracts, it caters to maintenance and operation of water and wastewater system installations, including focusing on asset replacement and systems expansion under a capital program.

The water utility company’s origin lies in a business founded in 1886. It is presently headquartered in New Jersey, and operates under different regional divisions, namely Pennsylvania American Water, California American Water, Illinois American Water, Indiana American Water, Hawaii American Water, Virginia American Water and Tennessee American Water.

The diversified water services company is listed on NYSE ad is among two indices, namely DJUA and S&P 500. The common stocks trade with ‘AWK’ ticker on NYSE.

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company address 1 Water St Camden​, NJ, 08102-1658 United States

company phone856-955-4001

company email[email protected]

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