Utilico Emerging Markets Trust Plc (LON:UEM)


Utilico Emerging Market Trust Plc is a UK-based closed-ended investment trust with aim to offer long-term total return though a flexible investment policy that allow the company to make investments across, utility, infrastructure and related sectors primarily in emerging market. The company invests across the wide range of countries that include Philippines, India, Brazil, Malaysia, China, Bulgaria, Colombia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, South Korea, Senegal, Chile, Egypt, Indonesia and Kazakhstan. It invests in various sectors, including water, telecommunications, sewerage, wasteports, airports, renewable, electricity, gas, satellites, rail and road.  The company’s shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange since 2018 as LON: UEM.

The company has appointed ICM Investment Management Limited as its Alternative Investment Fund Manager and ICM as its joint portfolio manager. ICM Investment Management Limited has appointed Waverton Investment Manger Limited to offer it support services. The company mainly invests in any business with essential service or monopolistic characteristics and any new utility or infrastructure which may arise mainly in emerging markets. It may also invest in businesses which offer services to infrastructure, utility and related sector. The company mainly focuses on the Under-developed and developing markets of Europe, Latin America, Asia and Africa with the flexibility to invest across the world. the company may also invest in shares, bonds, convertibles and other types of securities and it may also use derivative instruments such as promissory notes, interest rate hedges, American depository receipts, call and put option, foreign currency hedge, warrants and similar instruments, financial futures and contracts for difference and efficient portfolio management such as its portfolio and balance sheet from major corrections and reducing, transferring or decreasing investment risks in its investments.

The company can’t invest in unlisted and untraded investments more than 10% of gross assets and no single investment should constitute over 20% of gross assets. Investments other than utility, infrastructure and related companies should not exceed 20% of gross asset and investment in a particular country should not be more than 50% of gross assets. Further, not more than 10% aggregate of the value of the total assets will be invested in other closed-ended investment funds that are listed on the official list, but the company shall not invest more than 15% in such funds.

Contact Information

company address The Cottage Ridgecourt, The Ridge KT18 7EP United Kingdom

company websitehttp://www.uemtrust.co.uk/

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