IP GROUP PLC is a UK-based company that is involved in commercialization of intellectual property. It was found in the year 2001, and its headquarters are situated in London, England. The company is listed on the London Stock Exchange and falls under the FTSE 250 index. It specializes in commercializing the intellectual property from universities and research institutions. The portfolio of the company is quite diversified to maximize the risk-adjusted returns and includes various types of companies, including small start-ups, mainly across four sectors, which are technology, healthcare, biotech, and cleantech. The IP group supports 300+ companies and employs over 5,000 people.

The operations of the company are run through various segments. The company has formed long term commercial partnerships with a lot of universities in UK, US, and Australasia, and is involved in commercializing of their intellectual property through its University Partnership Business segment. By finding the suitable intellectual property to commercialize, the company helps in generating value for all stakeholders. The venture funds of the technology companies in United Kingdom, which are on the early stage of development, are managed by the Venture capital fund management segment of the company. The druggable intellectual property from various research institutes is in-licensed by the in-licensing activity segment of the company. In-licensing is quite popular among small pharmaceutical start-ups.

The business strategy of the company is to create and maintain a pipeline of intellectual property opportunities, generate a diversified portfolio to create a robust business, and deliver high returns on investments in assets and third-party funds.

The company has a skilled workforce which has expertise in finance, capital, investment, operations, and recruitment. The main aim of the company is to generate financial returns but apart from that it also focuses on generating a positive social and environmental impact. The company follows an ESG policy and sustainability is at the heart of its business. By supporting the Cleantech sector, the company helps in the growth of scientific business solutions that help in fighting climate change and reduce the negative impact on environment. It satisfies TSE4Good index criteria and focuses on responsible and clean investments.

The company has a well-defined corporate governance framework and follows an ethical code of conducts for running its business. It aligns with anti-corruption and bribery policy, slavery policy, anti-facilitation of tax evasion policy, data protection policy, health, and safety policy etc. The company also focuses on improving gender diversity and has around 30% of its board representation as females. It is also involved in community initiatives and charities.

Contact Information

company address IP Group PLC The Walbrook Building Top FL, 25 Walbrook LONDON EC4N 8AF United Kingdom GBR

company phone+44 207 444 0050

company websitehttp://www.ipgroupplc.com/

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