Forterra PLC is the leading producer of manufactured masonry products in the United Kingdom. It was originally found in 1960s and was known as Hanson’s UK Building Products Division. It gradually acquired several companies over the years, including Butterley Company Limited, London Brick PLC, Red Bank Manufacturing Company Limited, Bison Precast etc. The company rebranded itself as Forterra in 2015 and got listed on the London Stock Exchange as an independent company in 2016. Its headquarters are situated in Northamptonshire, United Kingdom. Forterra holds the second position among the largest manufacturers of bricks in Great Britain. The company owns and operates 9 sites for brick manufacturing across UK and accounts for a total production of around 570 million bricks per annum.

The company is involved in manufacturing of various building products and materials that support the construction industry in UK, including clay bricks, thermalite and aggregate blocks, and bespoke products. The products also include flue systems and chimney, flooring, roofing, and concrete products, and block permeable paving that helps in dealing with water management and the reducing pressure on the drainage systems. The London Brick brand of the company sells Fletton bricks and the Thermalite brand sells the aircrete blocks across UK. The bespoke products are basically a range of personalized products according to the specifications and needs of the customers, which include precast concrete, roofing solutions, wall insulation etc.

The goal of the company is to create value for all its shareholders by maximizing the risk-adjusted returns in a sustainable manner by converting raw materials into sustainable building products. The company is focused on business expansion while giving key priority to its core products.

The company follows strict health and safety policies and gives key priority to the well-being of people. The building materials manufactured by the company are inherently sustainable, recyclable, and low-maintenance, and the buildings made with these products use less energy for heating and cooling. The ecostock bricks manufactured by the company are the most environment friendly bricks in the UK. The company uses state-of-the-art technology to reduce the usage of energy and strives for sustainable business solutions by reducing its environmental footprint.

The company follows a well-defined framework for corporate governance and aligns itself with an ethical code of conduct for running business. Apart from fulfilling its corporate responsibilities, the company also focuses on fulfilling its environmental and social responsibilities. It strives to achieve value creation and long-term growth while keeping sustainability at the heart of its business.  

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company address Forterra PLC 5 Grange Park Court, Roman Way NORTHAMPTON NN4 5EA United Kingdom GBR

company phone+44 160 470 7600

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