Founded in the year 1998, Abcam is a multinational biotech and lifesciences, which specialises in the innovation and development of biological tools and reagents that can be used for a variety of applications, like for general research, discovery of new drugs, and medical diagnostics. Headquartered in Cambridge, Abcam is listed on the London Stock Exchange and has many subsidiaries, such as Expedeon Limited, Innova Biosciences Limited, Marker Gene Technologies Inc., Calico Biolabs Inc., Ascent Scientific Limited, Abcam Inc., and others. With approximately 110,000 products, the company is a leading supplier of biochemicals, protients, kits, assays etc. to over 60% of the life scientists in the world.

The focus of the company is on solutions related to proteomic tools for research use only (RUO), which mainly include reagents for protein binding like immunoassays. It also provides solutions for the development of antibodies for therapeutic or disease detection purposes. Abcam, with a team of 1,1000 skilled staff, works to support and serve biopharmaceutical companies, diagnostics companies, research institutions, academic institutions etc. The product range of the company focuses on primary as well as secondary antibodies, multiplex assays, ELISA tests, activators, and inhibitors etc.


Abcam values time as an asset and the main goal of the company is to help and support the scientists to achieve their mission as fast as possible as more time is directly proportional to more progress. The main challenge before the company is related to antibodies, which are the fundamental part of biotechnology today.

The company strives to research and develop antibodies with the accuracy and sensitivity for various applications, with the help of state-of-the-art technology and efficient use of available data.

Its focus is accuracy of results, high quality, and transparency of its operations and projects. It invests a lot in research and development and gives key priority to the feedback received from customers to anticipate and solve the problems beforehand.

The company follows a well-defined framework of corporate governance and it complies with the UK Corporate Governance Code 2018. It also follows an ethical code of conduct for running its business and gives key priority to accountability, transparency, and integrity. It has strict policies related to gender pay gap, modern slavery, tax, supplier and distributor code of conduct.

The company is focused on maximising the risk-adjusted returns for all stakeholders. Apart from profitability, it also focuses on sustainability. It strives to achieve sustainable business solutions and create a positive impact on the environment as well as the society, by aligning itself with the UN sustainable development goals.

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company address Discovery Drive Cambridge Biomedical Campus, Hills Road CB20AX United Kingdom

company phone+44.1223.696000

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