Datable Technology Corporation (TSXV:TTM)


Datable Technology Corporation is technology company that provides mobile-based consumer marketing platform.

The software firm, earlier known as 3TL Technologies Corp, is a parent to 3 tier logic.

The software company’s premier product includes a mobile-based consumer marketing, PLATFORM3.

The PLATFORM3 operates as a shopping market platform designed to cater to consumer brands, consumer-packaged goods (CPG) companies, and their agencies.

In 2014, the Canadian launched the PLATFORM3 that offers data mining, loyalty solutions, social media engagement, digital marketing across North America.

Headquartered in Vancouver, the tech firm was formed in 2008. It is a publicly listed company with stocks posted trading on the TSX Venture Exchange under ‘DAC’ ticker.

The company says its PLATFORM3 software is used by several global brands, including Universal, General Mills, Unilever and TORO.

The tech company aims to empower brands and provide technology solutions that can gather valuable data for increasing sales in the market.

In February 2008, 3 tier logic was established by two businessmen, Robert Craig and Carlos Yong. The company was reportedly incorporated to encourage customer engagement and communication through social media and digital marketing solutions.

Through its subsidiary, 3 tier logic, the tech firm also operates in the consumer internet advertising market. It offers consumers services through various platforms such as websites, email marketing, display advertising, social media, and online advertising.

3 tier logic claims to offer technological solutions to diversified consumer brands that maintain the integrity between consumer and brands. The company says that due to decreasing trend of conventional ad and traditional media such as radio, newspaper, TV, etc., the modern consumers prefer purchase through social media or recommendation from friend etc.

Datable Technology Corporation claims that PLATFORM3 software has established 350 loyalty and promotion programs for brands across the different industrial sectors such consumer-packaged goods, movies, alcohol, and pet care. Some leading brands that reportedly have used PLATFRORM3 for building loyalty programs, products and promotions are:
• Saputo USA
• Oreo
• Bimbo Canada
• Serta
• Delicato Family Wines

PLATFORM3 offers technological solutions in the marketing and total purchase cycle, including tracking of purchases, analytics and reporting capabilities. The software claims to maintain the brand's image, develops the customer’s brand loyalty digitally, and enables them to make online purchase.

It uses messaging and email service to promote the brand and engage consumers and delivers coupons on the product, the tech firm claims. In addition, the Canadian firm offers cost-effective, fixed pricing, flexible and multi-tier programs in its marketing platform.

Contact Information

company address Suite 301, 1062 Homer Street Vancouver, British Columbia, V6B 2W9

company phone604 639-5440

company email[email protected]

company website

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