Memex Inc. (TSXV:OEE)


Memex Inc is a Canadian software firm that designs, develops, and markets solutions for customers in industrial sectors.

The publicly listed firm’s stocks are traded on the Toronto Venture Exchange under 'OEE' ticker.

It offers Innovative Shop Floor Productivity Solutions.

The company provides its flagship product, MERLIN Tempus software provides production analytics in real-time.

MERLIN Tempus is an industrial internet platform solution for production. The company was founded in 1992. It rebranded to Memex Inc from Memex Automation in 2015.

The company builds networking technology and apply this to machines on the shop floor.

The firm through its manufacturing tool package facilitates data-driven production happen each day.

The tech firm says that its software can provide a 10-50 per cent average productiveness increase with payback in less than four months.

The Canadian company focuses on enhancing and integration of networking of entire system equipment.

The company claims that its network provides update on productiveness and different statistics to be emailed to a cellular phone, laptop or tablet, etc.

It helps in maintaining inventory control.

As a global leader in producing machine-to-machine field, the company constantly aims to improve its services to serve the requirement of the manufacturing world.

Memex also claims to manage an active R&D department to produce its products, offer technical support, manufacture software and provides training.

The company offers various software, including Merlin Tempus, MERLIN Tempus Enterprise Edition (EE), Merlin FOEE, Merlin CI, Merlin ERP, Merlin Operator Portal, and Merlin OP Time.

MERLIN Tempus calculates and examines manufacturing time. It also informs the operators how much time it would take in shop floors and manufacturing assets.

Merlin provides required information in the industrial machines.

Merlin Tempus calculates time and machine processes, including sensor data, and provides information in the form of reports to engineers, factory managers, continuous improvement managers, machine operators, production managers, etc.

It offers green light metrics.

This software directs quality, utilization, availability, operator productivity, lean and corrective actions, root cause analysis, production status in real-time, accurate actionable data and performance.

Contact Information

company address 880 Laurentian Drive – Unit #2, Burlington, Ontario, Canada L7N 3V6

company phone905-635-1540

company email[email protected]

company website

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