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Kidoz Inc. is a content discovery and recommendation platform that is expanding its global footprint to more than 100 million kids. The kids-friendly advertising platform was initiated by a father who wanted to provide his daughter a safe and better way to play online.

KIDOZ connects thousands of kids and content developers to interact in a safe environment. Kids can view relevant content and media developers can reach targeted audiences and monetize their content and distribute it safely to kids around the world.

According to Kidoz, the mobile space for kids represents three significant challenges which the KIDOZ platform intends to overcome:

Children are constantly looking for new games and videos but get exposed to irrelevant and inappropriate content.

Previously, brands could connect with their audience in the age group of two to 13 years through linear television channels. In the modern era, this audience is scattered throughout thousands of apps and brands are looking to recapture their engagement.

Developers of such apps earn minimal revenue and are looking for means of compensation.

Application developers who create specialized apps for kids do not earn adequate revenue. KIDOZ provides them a way to compensate for their work.

Leading brands and partners off this company include:

• Kellogg's

• NBC Universal

• Nick

• Disney

• McDonald's

• Lego

• Hasbro

KIDOZ helps device makers and app developers create revenue from their work in a COPPA-compliant manner. KIDOZ serves various brands by providing them a mobile network for children below 13 years of age and helping the brands reach several kids and parents engaged in mobile applications through one focal point.

KIDOZ is also partnering with more than 40 top-tier OEM's, carriers and kids brands like Lenovo, PBS Kids, T-Mobile, Acer, Sprout Channel Cubby Tablet, US Cellular, etc. to facilitate youth dedicated products.

On March 5, 2019, Shoal Games acquired the COPPA-certified content discovery platform, KIDOZ, for 21 million U.S. dollars. Under this agreement, KIDOZ will operate as a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shoal Games and its management and employees will continue to operate as before.

The company has appeared in various news articles which stated that the kids media market has experienced a surge during the coronavirus pandemic.

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company address Hansa Bank Building, Ground Floor Landsome Road Anguilla, The Valley AI 2640

company phone888 374-2163

company email[email protected]

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