Weyerhaeuser Company (NYSE:WY)


Weyerhaeuser Company operates as a private owner of softwood timber.

Founder Friedrich Weyerhaeuser set up the business in the 1900s in Washington, the United States.

The publicly listed timber owner harvests and grows trees, constructs, and develops real estate, and manufactures variety of forest products.

It is also classified as a REIT with over 11 million acres of timberland in the different regions across the United States primarily in South, Northeast and West.

It also collaboratively manages timber lands in Canada that are majorly owned by the public under long term licenses.

The timber owner claims to have conducted research and tests for its harvesting activities and claims to offer finest quality seeds in the market.

It focuses on providing cost effective infrastructure and high-quality products for producing good quality logs reportedly. It claims to have sustainable supply of various raw materials needed for various forest products.

It claims to be engaged in the business for more than a century.

The American company deals in development projects, mitigation banking, aggregates, conservation, minerals. It produces various wood products such as engineered lumber, OSB panels, lumber, wood chips, etc.

It claims to focus on development of the community it operates in.

The company also caters to customers engaged in energy sector like oil and gas, wind and solar and bioenergy. The US-based company claims to have over 1,000 oil & gas producing wells on the land owned by it.

It reportedly manages the forestland by maintaining a balance and engages in efficient, innovative, sustainable forest practices. The firm says that its team works towards providing opportunities for development and exploration, equity participation, administering gas and oil agreements, tracking revenue, production and expenses related to gas wells, lease and oil. It also evaluates various opportunities using GIS database that consists of geological data and 3D & 2D seismic studies.

De Queen & Eastern railroad and Weyerhaeuser Real Estate Company are some of the subsidiaries.

Contact Information

company address 220 Occidental Avenue South Seattle, WA 98104 United States.

company phone1-206-539-3000

company websitewww.weyerhaeuser.com

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