TransDigm Group Inc is an American aerospace component manufacturing company.

It develops, designs, manufactures, and supplies engineered aircraft products and related systems and components for use in commercial and defense operations.

The manufacturing firm operates in three core business segments: Non-Aviation, Power and Control and Airframe.

Power and Control Segment

The segment is primarily engaged in the development, production, and distribution of various components and systems, which provide power to or control the power of aircraft that utilizes fluid, electronic, power, mechanical motion controls technologies.

Airframe Segment

The segment primarily focuses on developing, designing, producing, and selling the systems and components that are primarily used in non-power airframe applications. In addition, TransDigm Group Inc also operates and provides applications for use in cabin structure technologies.

Non-Aviation Segment

The American firm deals with the development, designing, production, and marketing of the non-aviation products like seat belt, safety restraints, mechanical actuators, refueling systems, etc.

The company caters to subsystem suppliers, child restraint system suppliers, off-road vehicle suppliers, satellite and space system suppliers.

The aerospace component manufacturing firm was founded in 1993 following a buyout transaction. Initially, the company traded under the name TD Holding Corporation. The TD Group was formed in 2006, whose stocks are traded on the NYSE under ‘TDG’ ticker.

The Ohio-based company develops several products such as:
• Power conditioning systems
• Motors, actuators, controls
• Lighting and instrumentation
• Pumps and valves
• Batteries and chargers
• Quick disconnects, couplings and rods
• Cockpit security systems
• Ignition systems and engine sensors
• Aircraft hardware
• Engineered composites, elastomers, and laminates
• Audio systems
• Water faucets and systems
• Safety restraints and parachutes
• Lifting devices and cargo handling systems

TransDigm Group Inc claims to have around 60 manufacturing facilities in the United States alone. The component manufacturer operates through 46 independent companies and provides diversified services. In addition, it was recently included in the Forbes Global 2000 rankings for the year 2021.

Contact Information

company address 1301 East 9th Street, Suite 3000, Cleveland, Ohio 44114

company phone216-706-2960

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