Sealed Air Corp (NYSE:SEE)


Sealed Air is a packaging and container company that focuses on providing its services through two reporting segments. The food care segment consists of food packaging products such as Darfresh, Cryovac, and OptiDure; and the product care segment consists of Instapak, and Sealed Air's Bubble Wrap.

Sealed Air focuses on solving critical packaging challenges through its various packaging solutions. Its automated packaging solutions systems are promoting a more efficient, secure, and less wasteful global food supply chain.

The company’s headquarters is in Charlotte, North Carolina. Sealed Air Corporation trades on the New York Stock Exchange Market (NYSE), under the ticker symbol ‘SEE’.

Sealed Air provides its solutions to the following industries:

• Aerospace and defense

• Automotive

• Bakery and snacks

• Building and construction

• Cheese and dairy foods

• Consumer goods

• E-commerce food

• Electronics

• Food & beverage • Healthcare and pharma

• Pet Care

• Seafood

• Smoked and processed meats

• Liquid food products and more

Sealed Air claims to provide its services in 114 countries/territories and consists of 98 manufacturing facilities, 2,875 patents, pending applications, and 39 packaging design and application centers.

Sealed Air provides its solutions through a portfolio of its iconic brands including:


It focuses on designing automated mailer systems, and bagging equipment for high-productivity packaging.

It provides bag and pouch food systems, cartoning film systems, pre-opened bags, side-by-side bags, side pouch bags, and other products.


Its solutions help retailers, processors, and brand owners in protecting food quality and safety. Its products include an automated rotary vacuum chamber system, barrier bags, chub packaging, dispensing pouches, easy-open shrink bags, food packaging shrink tunnels, form-fill-seal films, and other products.

Bubble Wrap

It provides bubble bags, bubble bundles, an inflatable cushioning system, inflatable pillows, inflatable pouches, an inflatable void-fill system, light cushioning, performance inflatables, poly mailers, and other products.

Nexcel provides biopharma film, ostomy bag barrier films, and primary medical films.

Contact Information

company address "2415 Cascade Pointe Boulevard Charlotte, NC 28208 USA"

company phone980-430-7000

company website

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