Rockwell Automation (NYSE:ROK)


Rockwell Automation Inc is an American company that provides industrial automation services.

In addition to industrial automation, the company also engages in digital transformation.

It offers products like control panels, motor control devices, sensors, industrial control panels. It serves its customers in over 100 countries across the globe.

The firm’s stocks trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the stock quote of ‘ROK’.

It aims to accelerate digital transformation and provide sustainable industrial automation solutions. The American company focuses on next generation smart manufacturing solutions.

It is considered as one of the largest companies that provides industrial automation services and solutions under brands like Factory Talk and Allen Brandley.

The company claims to have market-leading capabilities in digital transformation, EPC, industrial analysis, industrial networks, advanced manufacturing, lifecycle services, MES solutions, safety solutions, equipment, and machine builders.

The industrial automation services provider reportedly focuses on domain expertise and technology innovation.

Apart from automation services, the US-based firm conducts various webinars for customers and clients to learn streamlining manufacturing process and increasing productivity.

Some of the subsidiaries include Allen-Brandley, Fiix, Kalypso LP, Sensia LLC, MangneMotion, Emulate3d INC, Anord Corporation, Maverick Technologies, Oylo, Proscon Ltd, Federal Pacific Electric Co, and Rockwell Automation A/S.

The company offers various hardware and software which includes products like condition monitoring, drives & motor, energy monitoring, output/input modules, lighting control, packaged solutions, safety products, innovation suite, maintenance suite, and design suite.

The American company provides various e-learning courses.

The company provides its services to various industries and claims to address their challenges. Its clientele base includes customers from the following sectors:

• Aerospace
• Cement
• Automation & Tire
• Mining
• Chemical
• Metal
• Food & Beverages
• Entertainment
• Household and Personal care
• Infrastructure
• Marine

The US-based firm also provides information software, security and network infrastructure, visualization software and hardware, network, and control solutions.

Contact Information

company address 1201 South Second Street Milwaukee, WI 53204 United States.

company phone1-414-382-2000.


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