MettlerToledo International Inc (NYSE:MTD)


Mettler-Toledo International Inc is a US-based provider of precision instruments.

Founder Mehard Mettler set up a business in 1989.

The company markets and manufactures weighing instruments for the use in laboratory, food retailing applications and different end markets.

They also supply various measurement and related technologies. The global firm’s ticker symbol on the New York Stock Exchange is ‘MDT’.

It provides several products and solutions such as:
• Laboratory Weighing
• Load Cell System
• Industrial Scales
• Pipettes
• Retail Weighing scales
• Truck Scales
• Dimensioning and Weighbridges


In addition, the American company provides instruments for product inspection that includes metal detectors, motion check weighers, X-Ray Inspection, etc.

It also provides precision instruments for in-situ analysis and automated reactors.

Apart from the product portfolio, various services include repair, spare parts and kits, professional installation, refurbishment and upgrade, setup and configuration, compliance like equipment qualification, performance verification, GWP Verification, training and consulting services.

In addition, the company also provides user training, downloads and documentation, consulting and business support services.

The company reportedly strives to meet the needs of the people and provide them services accordingly. They have factory trained technicians that help in supporting their customers in terms of proprietary measure tools, scale warranty conducted through balances services.

The global firm says that it focuses on the equipment compliance throughout the life cycle.

Furthermore, the company says that registration of the products is easy and simple on the official website.

The company claims to focus on digitalization and aims to advance products and provide enhanced service solutions. Some of which includes data analytics, productivity and automation, IIoT and connectivity, data reliability and integrity, digitally enhanced solution, etc.

The firm’s subsidiaries include Ohaus, Mettler Toledo AB, Mettler Toledo Thornton Inc, Mettler Toledo Ltd, Metter Toledo A, Metter-Toledo GmbH, Ohaus UK Ltd, Mettler-Toledo Instrument AG, and Glen Holdings BV.

Contact Information

company address 1900 Polaris Parkway Columbus OH 43240 United States.

company phone1-614-438-4511


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