Ecolab Inc (NYSE:ECL)


Ecolab Inc provides services and solutions for hygiene, infection prevention and water safety.

The company claims to have strong presence in more than 170 countries worldwide.

The American company provides data-driven solutions and services for maintaining sanitation, food safety, clean and safe environment, optimizing energy and water use. In addition, it aims to improve sustainability and operational efficiencies for customers engaged in different businesses.

The stocks trade on the New York Stock Exchange under the quote of ‘ECL’. It reportedly caters to over three million customers engaged in healthcare, food industry, industrial markets and hospitality sector.

The sustainable solutions provider offers cleaning solutions, sanitation programs and pest elimination services for education, retail, food and beverage processing, textile care, etc.

The company claims to have more than 9,400 patents and operates through a network of 45,000 associates to deliver comprehensive solutions.

The American company claims to be a global leader in hygiene, antimicrobial and water technologies.

Colgate-Palmolive reportedly partnered with Ecolab to improve the sustainability and efficiency of its sanitizing and cleaning process at Mexico. In addition, Ecolab provided water safety and treatment solutions to Germany-based software company, SAP.

The company provides innovative solutions for water treatment and management, pollutant control, and process improvement through its subsidiary Nalco Water.

The comprehensive suite of solutions include:
• Acid Gas removal
• Acrylic Acid solutions
• Acrylonitrile solutions
• Amine Unit
• Automated labelling system
• Antimicrobial Tissue Treatment solutions

For food and beverage industries, Ecolab provides lubricants, sanitizers, detergents, cleaners, cleaning systems, chemical injectors, animal health products, and digital-based dispensers.

The subsidiaries of the company Ecolab Pty Ltd, GallayTrac Pty Ltd, Ecolab GmbH, Cirlam BVBA, Key Chemical Co, Bioquell Technology Canada Ltd, Chamtech LLC, Calgon LLC, Ecolab USA Inc, Microtek Medical Inc, etc.

The company premier product, 3D TRASAR technology, is used for canning & bottling, crude overhead system and UAN corrosion management in boilers, water flow systems, etc.

The company provides pest elimination services ot detect, prevent and treat pest, rodents and insects in hotels, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, homes, etc.

Contact Information

company address 1 Ecolab Place, St. Paul, Minnesota 55102

company phone800-232-6522


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