Autoliv Inc (NYSE:ALV)


Autoliv Inc is a vehicles and parts company that is engaged in developing, manufacturing, and supplying safety components, and protective systems to the automotive industry.  

The company provides a suite of products including side-impact airbags, pyrotechnical safety switches, steering wheels, seat belts, frontal, airbag inflators, and more.  

The company’s headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden. Autoliv Inc is a publicly-listed company on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE), and the common shares of the company are traded under the ticker symbol ‘ALV’. 

It is a leading automotive safety company globally that provides its services to many automotive manufacturers worldwide. It conducts its operations in 27 countries and claims to save over 30,000 lives through its products and services every year. 

It saves the lives of passengers, pedestrians, and drivers and protects them from injuries through its products. It is a Fortune 500 company and was formed through the merging of Autoliv AB, a Swedish-based company and Morton ASP, a US-based firm. 

The company is committed to offering the best life-saving solutions for mobility. It is recognized as a leading foremost airbag manufacturing technology company in the industry. It provides frontal airbags (driver and passenger), side-curtain airbags, inflators, and more services. 

Autoliv develops well-crafted steering wheels that meet safety requirements. For style and a better look, it provides a handcrafted leather cover steering wheel. Some of its products have integrated electrical motors that alert drivers to a dangerous situation by vibrating the steering wheel.  

Autoliv provides the following seatbelts 

• Retractors 

• Buckles 

• Load limiters 

• Pretensioners 

• Pre-pretensioners 

• Hardware and active seatbelts 

The company also provides pedestrian protection systems such as pedestrian airbags and active hood lifters. These products mitigate pedestrian head injuries.  

In additional safety features, it provides automatic bolt release and integrated child booster seats that protect passenger or commercial vehicles from overheating and short-circuiting. 

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