Teleflex Inc


Teleflex Inc, a public listed company, provides medical technology products.

The firm is domiciled in Pennsylvania, the United States. The medical technology company was founded on January 1, 1943.

Teleflex Inc primarily manufactures, supplies and develops single use medical devices that are used by the healthcare providers and hospitals for various therapeutic procedures and diagnostic procedures in surgical application and critical care.

Its stocks are listed on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker of ‘TFX’.

Teleflex Inc has a diversified portfolio that includes solutions in the field of interventional and vascular access, anesthesia, urology, surgical, cardiac care, respiratory care and emergency medicines.

The company also intends to create a beneficial supply base relationship to provide high quality, effective and safe medical products to the customers.

The American company claims to rely on the suppliers for the services and materials that are a vital part of the business.

Teleflex Inc focuses on continuous improvement in the areas of reliability, cost, and quality of all their procured services and products. Its portfolio of anesthesia products can be categorized in automation, airway management, pain management and caregiver safety.

There are various products under these categories like circuits, masks & bags, endobronchial tubes, standard tubes, specialty tubes, and incubation accessories.

The critical care products of the company include vascular access products like catheter-based products that are used in clinical procedures, and airway management products include nasal & oral airways, endotracheal tube, laryngeal masks, laryngoscopes and anesthesia circuits.

The subsidiaries of the company are Vascular Solutions Inc, Teleflex Medical Incorporated, Vidacare LLC, Z-Medica Corporation, Arrow International, Sierra International Inc, Pilling Weck Incorporated, Vidacare Corporation, Teleflex Ltd, TFX Group ltd, Southern Wire LLC, Wolfe Tory Medical Inc, VasoNova Inc, Nostix LLC, etc.

The products of the company are manufactured in Limerick, Republic of Ireland. It also claims to be registered with FDA.

Contact Information

company address 550 East Swedesford Road, Suite 400, Wayne, Pennsylvania 19087

company phone1 610 225 6800


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