Vietnam Enterprise Investments Limited (LON:VEILV)


Set up in 1995 and listed on the London Stock Exchange, Vietnam Enterprise Investments Limited is a Vietnam-based close-ended investment fund, which is overseen by the Dragon Capital Management Limited. The firm puts resources into recorded and pre-Initial Public Offering (IPO) organisations in Vietnam. It is a part of the FTSE 250 index its net resource worth is around US$2.3 billon. The company is the longest-running asset focussed on Vietnam and one of the biggest firms that offer appealing development measures alongwith solid corporate administration. The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation holds a total of 11.48% equity capital in the company.

The company’s main aim is to look for medium to long-term allocation for its resources. It hopes to beat the VN Index Total Return in US Dollar term on a moving 3-year premise. The company likewise intends to advance the mindfulness and aid the reception of better Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) expectations among its clients.

The company plans to accomplish its venture objective by putting resources into organisations principally working in or with massive exposure in Vietnam. The company likewise contributes up to 20% of Net Asset Value at the hour of speculation in organisations working in Cambodia and Laos.

VEIL may put resources into unlisted value securities and recorded or unlisted obligation protections or credit instruments. VEIL also acquires for the reasons for capital adaptability, including for speculation purposes. The company also has direct or indirect exposure to derivative instruments, which helps them in efficient portfolio management.

VEIL expects that most of the securities, including the portfolio, will be value protections exchanged on the Stock Trading Centre of Vietnam, the Hanoi Stock Exchange, or another stock trade.

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company address Vietnam Enterprise Investments Limited 1501 Me Linh Point 2 Ngo Duc Ke, District 1 1-1203 Vietnam

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