SIMEC Atlantis Energy Ltd (LON:SAE)


Founded in 2005, SIMEC Atlantis Energy Limited was formerly known as Atlantis Resources Limited and is an international sustainable energy generation company. It was renamed as SIMEC Atlantis Energy in 2017. The company’s operational headquarter located in Edinburgh, Scotland. The company is a consolidation turbine supplier and project developer in the tidal power industry. The company operates through three segments: Turbine, Engineering Services, and Power Generation.  The company creates a tidal turbine between Hisaka islands and Naru islands, southern Japanese islands for Kyuden Mirai Energy.

The company’s project development and operations include tidal stream, tidal range, and power station conversion projects including pre-application consultation exhibition and Uskmouth power station planning application. The company offers various series of Turbine Technology including AR series that consists of AR1500 and AR1000, AN series and AS series. The company’s Turbine and Engineering Services segment engaged in the growth and delivery of technology solutions and turbines for the project all over the world. The company’s power generation segment engaged on the growth of MeyGen tidal energy project. The company has several projects include FORCE, Nova Scotia, Canada; MeyGen, Scotland, UK; Daishan, India, Zhejiang, Mundra, China, and Gujarat; ETI TEC Project, United Kingdom. The company’s subsidiaries include Atlantis Resources (Scotland) Limited, Atlantis Turbines Pte Ltd, Current Resources (Cayman) Limited, and Atlantis Operations (Canada) Limited.

The company engaged in developing, designing, installation, construction, testing, conversion, operation, completion, maintenance, and commissioning power projects all over the world. The company is the developer of projects of sustainable development globally. The company develops renewable and sustainable energy projects with 1,000 + megawatts of power projects in several stages of development; it includes MeyGen, world’s largest tidal power project of flagship free stream. The company also engaged in designing, supplying, and maintaining subsea connection equipment and tidal turbines. The company’s objective is to operate and own sustainable power generation assets and generate revenue for its shareholders in long term.

Contact Information

company address SIMEC Atlantis Energy Ltd                                                                            Level 4, 21 Merchant Road, #04-01, Singapore, 058267, Singapore

company phone+44 131 659 9690


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