Founded in 2000 by entrepreneurs and behavioral science experts Octavius Black and Dr Sebastian Bailey, Mind Gym Plc is a UK-based business that is engaged in providing professional leadership skills and business relationship management services. The company operates through its offices in London, New York and Singapore and a network of coaches across the world. The company translates behavioral science principles into a unique set of products, experience and tools that slip into its clients customers days, hands and minds- creating company-wide behavior change. The company has a strong market base that includes 52% of the FTSE 100 and 65% of the S&P 100 companies as well as government, private and not-for-profit organizations and around 400,000 professionals from 584 organisations takes part in the company’s activity during the year. The has the network of 276 qualified coaches in 32 countries, of which 107 are located in North America, 65 in UK, 37 in EMEA and APAC and 7 in South America. The company’s shares are listed on the London Stock Exchange as LON: MIND.

The company offers a range of solutions that includes Performance management, Manager Development, Diversity, Equity & inclusion, Onboarding, Personal Effectiveness, Reorganisation, Respect, Customer Experience, Change and Ethics. Performance management solution offers an ongoing conversation year-round between managers and individuals to ensure strategic goals are met and it has discovered 6 psychological conditions to unlock high performance. The management development solution provides employees with the opportunity to develop their interpersonal and organizational skills. The Diversity, Equity & inclusion aims to build a diverse, equitable and inclusive company culture requires a transformative, science-based approach. The onboarding solution helps organizations to reduce the human turnover by engaging the new employees and which led to reduce in cost. The personal effectiveness is a critical part of development as in the high performing companies; employees consistently demonstrate greater competence in various areas such as time management, emotional intelligence and goal setting. So, the company provides right training for right person at the right time so they can work more efficiently. the reorganization solution help leaders to focus their energy and conversation in the right way, it creates a much more blend by giving far greater attention to the employees, Fence-sitter, where and why, opportunity, facts and feelings and employees feel influential.

The Respect solution tells how to spot the many forms that bullying, and harassment takes and put an end to them once and for all. The customer service solution helps organization in creating a climate of service performance to increase the customer performance. The change solution helps businesses to create environment which promotes learning through communicate the importance of learning daily, encourage taking smart risk and enable learning iteratively. The company’s psychologists have designed a series of bite-size workshops that can deliver face-to- face or virtually anywhere in the world as company every organization boss lays on claim to integrity and many have put money behind their words to stop employees behave badly.

Contact Information

company address 160 Kensington High St. W8 7RG United Kingdom

company phone+44.20.73760626

company websitehttps://uk.themindgym.com/ 

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