Founded in 1874, Hunting plc was initially known as Hunting & Pattison and is a major supplier of energy to the oil and gas companies globally. Later, it was renamed as Hunting Plc. The company has its operations spread across Europe, Africa (EMEA), United States, Asia Pacific, Hunting Titan, Middle East, and Canada. The company has its headquarters in London and operates in 31 sites, has 16 distribution centres across 11 countries.

The company is the UK-based provider of energy services to the oil, gas, and manufacturing companies worldwide. The company manufactures products such as downhole metal tools, trades and rents upstream equipment. The downhole metal tools and its component are used in the lifecycle of well to extract hydrocarbons. The lifecycle of a well includes different stages such as construction, completion, and intervention. The trades and rents upstream equipment are used for the wellbore.

The company’s operations include OEM Manufacturing, Well Intervention, Accessory Manufacturing, Connection Technology, Logging Tools, Dearborn, Titanium Stress Joints / Riser, Electronics, Manufacturing, Subsea Technologies, Drilling Tools, Cased Hole solutions, OCTG / Connection Technology, and Perforating Systems. The company’s main objective is to provide and manufacture premium, high-tolerance products for the construction phase, completion and re-completion phases and the intervention and subsea support phases of wellbore development.

Contact Information

company address HUNTING PLC 5 Hanover Square, London, W1S 1HQ, United Kingdom

company phone+44 (0) 20 7321 0123


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