Fresnillo Plc (LON:FRES)


Fresnillo Plc (LON: FRES) is a Mexican precious metal exploration, mining and production group, headquartered in Mexico City. Despite being part of the Peñoles Group, the company has a history dating back more than a hundred years. The group became a publicly listed company in 2008 when the wholly-owned operating division of Industrias Peñoles was spun off as a separate company, and an IPO was brought in May 2008 on the London Stock Exchange. Fresnillo holds one of the largest precious metal mining reserves in Mexico and in the country's largest gold producer and the world's leading silver producer. The company's mining operations are based in Mexico, where it operates seven mines, one development project and also holds an extensive portfolio of high-quality exploration projects and prospects. With the objective of maximising the potential of its assets while maintaining its market position, the company constantly strives and is one of the lowest-cost producers of gold and silver in the world. The company develops high-potential silver and gold projects into low-cost, world-class mines, with its business model spanning the full value chain from exploration, construction and development, to mining operations. The group also constantly explores and developing new projects and generates revenue by selling the metals it extracts from the ore it mines. The Shares of the company have their listing on the London Stock Exchange and at the Mexican Stock Exchange. At the London Stock Exchange, the shares of the company trade with the ticker name FRES in the main market segment. The shares of the company on the London Stock Exchange are also constituents of the FTSE 100 index.

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