Founded in 1931 and with its headquarters at London, Diploma PLC is a UK-based global company that supplies specialised technical products and services to its customers. It has its operations across Europe, North America, Australia, New Zealand, New Caledonia, and China. It is a part of the FTSE 250 index of the London Stock Exchange.

The company’s business has three segments:  Life Sciences, Seals, and Controls. The Life Sciences sector includes a variety of consumable goods, instrumentation services for healthcare and environment industries. The Seals sector includes a variety of seals, filets, gaskets, cylinders, components, and kits. These are used in high performance heavy mobile equipment and machinery, and in specialised manufacturing machinery and equipment.

The Controls sector includes wiring and connectors, fasteners, and control devices. The products and services of this business sector are provided across various industrial sectors, such as aftermarket, industrial manufactures of original equipment, and fluid controls. The company carries out its services through Diploma Healthcare Group, a1-group, Hercules Fluid Power Group, IS-Group and Filcon Electronic GmbH. Apart from these goods and services, the company also supplies clinical diagnostics instrumentation and consumables to the pathology and life sciences sectors. Around 48% of the company’s revenue comes from Europe, 41% from North America and 11% from Rest of the world.

The company’s business model focuses on value-added distribution of products and services to the end market. It focuses on essential products and solutions across various industrial sectors, which are not funded by capital budget but by the operating model of customers.

Focusing on essentials helps it in building sustainable and long-term customer relationships with attractive margins. The business strategy is focused on its core competencies and core developed markets, while improving its product capabilities. The aim is to keep the customers at the heart of the business while generating more returns and cash flows through product as well as geographic diversification, in addition to growth in existing markets.

The company follows a decentralised style of management and has a well-defined organisational culture and corporate standards. It strives for value creation by increasing EPS (earnings per share) while reducing the risk, increasing the TSR (total shareholders return) and dividends consecutively. It delivers on its corporate responsibilities as well. These include diversity and inclusion at workplace, providing sustainable business solutions to fight climate change, supporting human rights, and abiding to Modern Slavery Act.

Contact Information

company address Diploma PLC PLC12 Charterhouse Square LONDON EC1M 6AX United Kingdom

company phone+44 207 549 570

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