Active Energy Group plc (LON:AEG)


Established in 1996, Active Energy Group plc is a renewable energy company based in UK. Listed on the London Stock Exchange, the company is involved in production of biomass to be used as fuel for power generation. The aim of the company is to produce second-generation biomass fuels using sustainable resources and turn the coal-based power industry to a sustainable biomass based renewable industry. It is also involved in supplying industrial wood chip for manufacturing of Medium-Density Fiberboard.

The company has many subsidiaries, which include Active Energy Limited, Renewable Energy Systems LLC, Active Energy Renewable Power LLC, Red Line Engineering Services Limited, and Nikofeso Holdings Limited etc. Its operations, include AEG Lumberton Manufacturing Hub, Lumber & Timber Operations, and Ashland Facility. The activities carried out under the lumber operations include manufacturing of rail ties, exporting saw logging to markets worldwide. The products are sold mainly in the domestic market of the US.

CoalSwitch, PeatSwitch, and SuperFuel are some of the popular products of the company. An international sustainable forestry management business is being developed by the company to support the supply of feedstock for the operations of CoalSwitch and PeatSwitch. It utilises waste wood optimally and efficiently, which leads to an overall higher economic value of the forestry business. The company has invested in R&D and has developed its own technology that is used for the CoalSwitch and PeatSwitch production.

The business of the company is carried out by two segments. The first segment is the Forestry & Natural Resources. This segment includes the initiatives of the company that are aimed at securing the possession of the whole supply chain of timber, starting from the forest till the end-product. The second segment is the CoalSwitch or PeatSwitch, which involves the company’s business related to soil replacement initiatives and renewable wood pellets.

The company has a well-defined ESG framework, and it aligns itself with the Quoted Companies Alliance's Corporate Governance Code, which is also called QCA code.

It aims at maximising the risk-adjusted returns for all its stakeholders and tries to create long-term value for the business as well as the society. It strives for sustainable business solutions that will help reduce the negative impact on the environment while increasing the efficiency of resource utilisation.

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company address Active Energy Group PLC 27-28 Eastcastle Street LONDON W1W 8DH United Kingdom GBR

company phone+44 123 962 1867

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