Segro Plc is a British company that deals in company development and property investment with its headquarters in London. The company is the largest industrial property firm in Europe, which gives out flexible business spaces all over Europe, including logistics, warehouses, offices, data centre properties etc. It was formerly known as Slough Estate Group and was listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2007. The core company was founded in 1920. It also manages warehouse properties, which can be divided into big box warehouse and urban warehouses. These are mainly spread over the UK, France, Germany and Poland.

Besides, the company also offers market analysis to its customers highlighting areas where to invest or sources which can generate a profit in the long term. They also provide detailed analysis, which can highlight the potential risks or returns of a project.  The company also buys fixed assets like properties and land and trade them further in the market. The company also builds sustainable warehouses in prime locations. They do a detailed analysis in their portfolio which could help them to understand the potential risk, the returns that they are receiving against all of its assets.

The urban warehouse contributes 67 per cent of the portfolio value, whereas the Big Box warehouse contributes 31 per cent in the portfolio value. These big box warehouses are mainly used for storage, distribution of goods, and processing of goods in various regions. The rest of the portfolio is concentrated in Spain, the Netherlands and the Czech Republic, where the properties leased out to businesses like retail, transport and logistics, post and parcel delivery, and technology, media and telecoms.

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company address Address- 1 New Burlington Place W1S 2HR United Kingdom

company phone+44.20.74519100

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