DMG Blockchain Solutions Inc. (TSXV:DMGI)


DMG Blockchain Solutions is a publicly-traded blockchain and cryptocurrency company. DMG manages develops and operates end-to-end digital solutions to generate revenue from the blockchain ecosystem. The company is also engaged in server hosting and related service arrangements for transaction verification services and software solutions.

DMG Blockchain Solutions invests in the research and development of technology solutions which aid the transaction verification business. The majority of the revenue of this company is drawn from cryptocurrency mining, set up and hosting fees, and the sale of mining equipment.

The cryptocurrency company creates a trustworthy ecosystem for the blockchain community through its proprietary Blockseer software platform. The DMG data center operations are located in Christina Lake, British Columbia.

The company differentiates its offerings by providing forensics consulting services from other cryptocurrency data center companies and helps them in developing their facilities and setting up their operations. DMG Blockchain Solutions operates through two main business segments:

Data center operations -- this segment focuses on generating revenue from block rewards and transaction fees by mining Bitcoin and providing hosting services for industrial mining clients.

Data analytics and forensic services -- this segment provides technical expertise software products like Blockseer Pool, Walletscore, and Mine Manager. This segment is also engaged in working with auditors, law enforcement organizations and law firms.

DMG intends to become a blockchain and cryptocurrency expert across the business vertical of blockchain mining and provide innovative business solutions, economies of scale, sustainability, risk mitigation and investment protection.

DMG has partnered with Argo Blockchain plc to create Terra Pool, reportedly the first Bitcoin mining pool in the world to use clean energy instead of conventional power to minimize the impact of Bitcoin mining on the environment. Terra Pool joined the CCA (Crypto Climate Accord) to speed up digital solutions that decarbonize the crypto mining and blockchain sector.

DMG and Argo are the first two signatories of the CCA. DMG states that its business strategy is to work with like-minded bitcoin miners and facilitate the shift from conventional power to clean energy in the bitcoin mining process. DMG intends to eliminate the greenhouse gas emissions due to cryptocurrency mining, over the next 10 years.

Contact Information

company address Data Center Operation: 795 Hwy 395 Christina Lake, BC, V0H 1E0 Canada

company phone(778) 300-6115

company email[email protected]

company website

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