Pan American Silver Corporation (TSX:PAAS)


Pan American Silver Corp is a mining company that owns and operates silver and gold mines.

Geologist Ross Beaty founded Pan American Silver Corporation in 1994 when he took over a TSX listed company, Pan American Minerals.

Pan American Silver Corp entered into a joint venture with a Bolivian state mining company in 1991 and acquired a 100 per cent interest in the San Vicente mines.

Over the years, the mining company acquired various mines and projects, including:

• Alma Dorado project in Mexico
• Morococha mine in Peru
• Manantial Espejo project in Argentina
• Navidad Project in Argentina
• Aquiline Resources Inc
• Dolores mine in Mexico

La Colorada Mine: It is the company’s largest silver producing mine. The metals extracted from the underground mine include zinc concentrates, silver-rich lead, silver and gold.

Dolores mine: It is a silver and gold mine based in Mexico’s Chihuahua city. The open-pit mine uses cyanide heap leaching technology to produce silver and gold.

Huaron and Morococha mines: Located in Peru, the polymetallic silver mine uses floatation technology to produce silver-rich zinc, lead and copper concentrates. The company owns 92.3 per cent stake in the Morococha mine and has a 100 per cent ownership in the Huaron mine.

The company divested the Quiruvilca mine in 2012.

In 2016, it sold 13 non-core royalties, payment agreements and streams to Marverix Metals Inc.

In 2017, the silver mining company completed the Dolores mine and La Colorada mine expansion project. In addition, it acquired an interest in New Pacific Metals Corp, an exploration and development company in Canada.

The mining company transitioned the Almo Dorado mine into its reclamation phase, followed by installing a pulp agglomeration plant at Dolores mines in 2017.

Pan American Silver Corp claims to be a signatory to the United Nations Global Compact.

In 2019, the silver mining firm added various mines to its diversified portfolio with the acquisition of Tahoe Resources Inc.

Pan American Silver owns ten mining operations as of 2021, of which one is currently not operational.

In addition, the Canadian miner has a 95 per cent stake in San Vicente mines in Bolivia.

The Canadian miner wholly owns and operates Shahuindo Mine, La Arena Mines, Timmins Mines.

Contact Information

company address 625 Howe Street, Suite 1440 Vancouver, British Columbia V6C 2T6 Canada

company phone(604) 684-1175

company emaildfi[email protected]

company website

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