Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd (TSX:NDM)


Northern Dynasty Minerals Ltd is an exploration and development company that focuses on mineral resources.

The company is domiciled in British Columbia, Canada.

It is a publicly traded company, whose stocks are listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange and NYSE America with the ticker of ‘NDM’ and ‘NAK’, respectively.

The company’s flagship asset through Pebble Limited Partnership is the Pebble Project in Alaska.

The limited partnership, established in 2007, was formed to design, construct, permit, and operate a long-life mining exploration program at the site.

Northern Dynasty acquires, explores and develops deposits of copper, molybdenum, gold, and silver at its premier Pebble project.

The project is expected to progress through four distinct phases: construction, operation (production), closure and post closure.

During the construction phase, which will last for approximately four years, the company would engage in the construction of facilities and pre-production mining. The construction phase includes a workforce of 2000, the company claims.

The company says that the operation phase is nearly 20 years and involves mining in the open pit, expansion of the trailing facilities, processing the mineralized material, and water management.

This will be followed by the third stage i.e., closure phase, wherein the company would engage withdrawal of facilities constructed in the first stage and second stage, and removal of pyritic TSF.

In addition, the closure phase would continue with the water management.

In the post closure phase, the mineral exploration company will monitor water quality and engage in long-term adjustments and changes to the treatment process.

Copper produced from the mining activities at the project could play an important role in the green technologies, the company claims.

Copper is majorly demanded by the electrical wiring companies due to its high conductivity properties after silver. It is also used in solar panel cells, wind turbines for electricity generation, and in electric vehicles.

Group One Trading LP, SIG Holding LLC, The Toronto-Dominion Bank, Commonwealth Equity Services Inc, Bank of Montreal, BMO Global Asset Management, Fundpartner Solutions, Frank Russell Company, etc., are some of the majority shareholders of the firm.

As of 2021, the company says as much as 72.2 per cent of the total ownership is represented by the retail sector, 13.6 per cent insider ownership and 14.2 per cent institutional holding.

Contact Information

company address 14th Floor - 1040 West Georgia Street Vancouver, BC Canada, V6E 4H1

company phone604 684-6365

company email[email protected]

company website

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