Greenlane Renewables Inc.


Greenlane Renewables Inc provides clean energy solutions by producing biogas from organic waste.

The raw material for biogas is procured from dairy farms, landfills, food waste facilities and wastewater treatment plants, the company claims. In addition, it says that biofuel can also be used in vehicles.

The company also offers biogas upgrading systems across the globe.

Greenlane primarily explores for opportunities in Canada, the USA, Denmark, France, and Italy. The firm’s biogas projects are located in Montreal, Canada; Gustrow, Germany; Madrid, Spain; Perris, USA; and Saint-Hyacinthe, Canada.

Greenlane Biogas is a parent company to Greenlane Renewables, headquartered in Burnaby, Canada. It was founded in 1986.

It is a TSX-listed firm, whose trading symbol is ‘GRN’.

The green energy firm established its pioneer biogas upgrading plant in 1993 in France.

Between 1990-2000, the firm claims to have established several biogas facilities across France, Sweden, Iceland, Japan, South Korea, New Zealand, and Spain.

In 2009, it reportedly became the largest biogas upgrading company in Germany, and in 2014, the firm was among Canada’s leading biogas upgrading system provider.

Greenlane claims to have included multi-core technologies such as PSA biogas upgrading technology to develop natural gas by 2010. Greenlane distributes its products under a banner of company-owned brands. These plants create natural gas by removing and separating impurities and carbon dioxide from biomethane present in the raw biogas available in organic waste, the Canadian firm claims. It also develops clean, renewable natural gas for pipeline injection and liquefaction.

As a global provider of biogas upgrading systems, Greenlane claims to help customers engaged in gas utilities and waste management companies to utilize biogas effectively and aids in transformation towards high-value and low-carbon renewable product.

Biogas developed from wastewater plants is different from the biogas developed from landfills, food waste or farm, the firm says. In addition, it claims that converting biogas into high purity biomethane requires unique approach steps as each biogas upgrading project has its peculiar solutions, depending on biogas flow rates, impurity level, pipeline-injection, etc.

Greenlane also provides the customers with multiple technology solutions like pressure swing adsorption (PSA), water wash, and membrane separation. Water Wash technology uses water to remove impurities without upstream treatment, chemical and heat process, the biogas producer claims. However, the pressure swing adsorption (PSA) reduces methane from CO2 and purifies the biogas.

Greenlane Renewables claims to manage the entire life cycle of a project, from designing to installing and providing support services, including:
• Spare parts warehousing
• supply services
• site inspections
• Plant relocations and upgrades
• Training and support service
• problem-solving expertise

Contact Information

company address 110 - 3605 Gilmore Way, Burnaby BC V5G 4X5, Canada.

company phone(604) 259-0343

company email[email protected]

company website

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