Which digital coin is winning the cryptocurrency race?

The cryptocurrency exchanges got listed on stock markets – with the listing of Coinbase Inc (NASDAQ:COIN). Also, there were cryptocurrency exchange traded funds that got listed all over the globe.

A pro-bitcoin lawmaker from Paraguay is planning a move to push for legalising bitcoin – which he says aims at making the country a digital currency hub of the world.

here are different ways of gauging top cryptocurrencies – or at least, two of them. One can be gauged on the basis of market capitalisation, another on total exchange volume.

In terms of price, Cardano stands at US$1.31 – at third slot, followed by Tether at US$1 a piece. In terms of market capitalisation, Tether stands at the third slot – valued at US$64.25 billion, followed by XRP at US$63.81 billion.