Danaher Corp


Danaher Corp is an American conglomerate provider innovative technology and science solutions.

The US-based firm has its roots in a real estate investment trust DMG Inc. However, in 1984 the company was rebranded to its present image.

The company claims that its name is derived from South Fork Flat Head River’s tributary.

The Washington-based firm manufactures, markets and designs professional, commercial, industrial, and medical services and products for use in life science, diagnostic, environmental solutions, industrial technologies, etc.

The platform of companies under three segments include:

• Environment and Applied Solutions: Aquatic Informatics, ChemTreat, Esko, Hach, Laetus GmbH, McCrometer, Pantone, X-rite, Trojan Technologies, etc.

• Life Sciences: SCIEX, Pall, Molecular Devices, Leica Microsystems, IDT, Beckman Coulter life sciences and Cytiva.

• Diagnostics: Cepheid, Beckman Coulter, HemoCue, Leica Biosystems, Mammotome, Radiometer, etc.

The US-based firm caters to the health care sector by providing medical equipment and devices.

Under the symbol ‘DHR’, the stocks are traded and listed on the New York Stock Exchange.

It is a diversified company that conducts its business through a platform of various companies, including:
• Cepheid
• Beckman Coulter
• Pall Corporation
• Hach Company
• Esko
• Videojet Technologies Inc

It is reportedly a leading technology company that focuses on delivering high-quality and latest medical products.

The US-based company caters to different customer groups, including laboratories, scientists, medical schools, universities, telecommunication companies, commercial vehicle manufacturers, life science companies, environment-focused entities, water treatment units, etc.

The company claim to provide its expertise in manufacturing and marketing of diverse products to over 67,000 associates representing 27 global companies.

The technology and science innovator aims to increase the access to low-cost quality medicines and help medical professionals in saving lives.

It claims that its various products are labeled with biodegradable mark to indicate that the fruits and vegetable are organic in nature. Through its subsidiary Videojet Technology, the company provides coding and marking solutions.

Contact Information

company address 2200 Pennsylvania Avenue Northwest, Suite 800W Washington, DC 20037 United States

company phone202-828-0850

company websitewww.danaher.com

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