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ServiceNow Inc is a software company that provides solutions for digitized workflows and enterprise systems.

It is reportedly one of the leading platform-as-a-service companies.

The company’s cloud-based platform, Now Platform®, operates a single platform that is based on one architectural model to enable flexibility, speed and innovation in the workflow. In addition, the platform helps automate the enterprise’s internal process across different departments.

ServiceNow Inc claims to serve over 6,900 enterprise customers across the United States.

It develops, produces, and designs cloud services, IT service management platforms and prepacked computer software.

The company claims to be among the leading players in the technology, software, and tech services industry.

The software company is listed on the New York Stock Exchange with ‘NOW’ as the ticker.

Now Platform® provides an intelligent technology solution for digitizing workflow in various industries and comprises IT workflows, customer workflow, employee workflow and creator workflow. The platform also supports the following capabilities:

• Machine learning
• Workflow automation
• Artificial intelligence
• Performance analytics
• Configuration
• Management systems
• Encryption
• Data benchmarking
• Development and collaboration tools
• Electronic service catalogs and portals

The company has a strong presence globally, with data centers located in prominent locations such as Canada, Brazil, Germany, Ireland, Japan, South Korea, the Netherlands, etc.

ServiceNow Inc reportedly provides various training and certification programs on the online platform.

The company claims to enhance productivity through artificial intelligence and predictive AIOps and delivers intelligent conversations with virtual agents.

The integrated software platform is equipped with a UI builder that creates a custom workspace and has an audience-specific page, personalizing experience and user engagement.

In 2018, it was reportedly among the Forbes Most Innovative Companies list.

The enterprise solutions provider conducts business through various entities, including Element AI, Uber Techlab Private Limited, Loom Systems, Sweagle, Blazent, Passage AI, Inc, Itapp Inc, SkyGiraffe.Inc, DxContinuum Inc, Vendorhawk.Inc, Servicenow Sweden Ab, FriendlyDat, Inc, Servicenow Denmark, etc.

Contact Information

company address 2225 Lawson Lane Santa Clara, CA 95054 Unites States

company phone(408) 501-8550


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