Hyve Group plc is a UK-based global company that organizes international events like exhibitions and conferences. The company was founded in the year 1991 and it was formerly known as ITE Group. It rebranded itself as the Hyve Group in the year 2019. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange publicly. The company has many subsidiaries, which include Shoptalk Ltd., Groceryshop LLC, ABEC Exhibitions & Conferences Pvt. Ltd., and Premier Expo, Hyve India Private Limited etc. Hyve Group operates across Europe, Africa, Asia, and America, and provides its services to 13 countries globally.

The operations of the company can be classified into various divisions, which include Global Brands, UK, Asia, Russia, Sothern Europe, and Eastern Europe. Africa Oil Week, Mining Indaba, Bett etc. are a part of the Global Brands division of the company. Mining World Russia, WorldFood Moscow, and TransRussia etc. fall under the Russian division of the company. The operations in the Asian division run cross countries like China, India, Indonesia, and Hong Kong. In the United Kingdom, Hvye Group organizes exhibitions in various sectors like garden retail, fashion etc.  Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, and Kazakhstan are covered under the Central Asian division of Hyve Group. The company carries out various operations among a wide range of industries in the East and South of Europe. This European division covers industries like food, tourism, building and interiors etc.

Hyve Group aims to provide the services of highest standards to its customers through active collaboration and focusing on human connections, while maximizing the returns for all its stakeholders. It organizes in-person events but in addition to that it also provides powerful online experiences using state-of-the-art technology solutions, to revolutionize the way of doing business. The company gives key priority to quality and consistency, and health and safety of exhibitors, visitors, and colleagues. The company is committed to a safe and secure delivery of events and facilitation of trade.

Hyve Group follows a well-defined framework of corporate governance and is aligned to sound and fair business practices with no tolerance for corruption or other malpractices. It runs its operations while upholding ethics and integrity and promotes a culture of transparency and accountability. It abides by its statements on modern slavery, human rights etc. and focuses on its social responsibilities as well by ensuring equal opportunities and pay for all and by guaranteeing a safe working environment. The company also gives due consideration to its environmental responsibilities and uses its events to try to create a positive impact across the globe.

Contact Information

company address Hyve Group PLC 2 Kingdom Street LONDON W2 6JG United Kingdom GBR

company phone+44 203 545 940

company websitehttp://www.hyve.group/

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