OptiBiotix (LON: OPTI) riding high on global recognitions and credibility

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OptiBiotix (LON: OPTI) riding high on global recognitions and credibility

 OptiBiotix (LON: OPTI) riding high on global recognitions and credibility
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  • OptiBiotix Health Plc has established itself as a trusted player in the human microbiome segment.
  • Various awards and recognition received by the Company are an endorsement of its credibility and the value of its products.
  • OptiBiotix has an extensive patent portfolio, comprising both prebiotic and probiotic products in one of the hottest areas in health care.

OptiBiotix Health Plc (LON: OPTI), a life sciences business, has taken big strides in the human microbiome segment on the back of an established and growing pipeline of microbiome modulators. The Company’s exclusive products provide unique solutions for chronic lifestyle-related diseases such as high cholesterol and lipid profiles, obesity, and diabetes.

The Company’s outreach and robust product portfolio have allowed it to become a key player in the microbiome segment at a global scale, which is also evident from the number of recognitions it has achieved in such a short span of time. In fact, several industry reports place OptiBiotix among the top players in the human microbiome sector, with the potential to storm the market with its revolutionary product portfolio.

Established player in human microbiome market

OptiBiotix has established itself as a major contender in the microbiome market, which is growing rapidly with rising incidences of lifestyle diseases like diabetes and obesity. As per one of the world's biggest producers of market research reports, the human microbiome market is projected to grow at a CAGR of over 22 per cent between 2024 and 2027 (Markets and Markets 2021).

The human microbiome market is of strategic interest to global food, pharmaceutical, health, and wellbeing firms and expected to become one of the world’s fastest growth areas. OptiBiotix is tapping the enormous potential of this market by developing different technologies that modulate the human microbiome.

The Company has been identifying and developing microbial strains, compounds, and formulations for use in food ingredients, supplements and active compounds that can help address cardiovascular health, obesity, and diabetes and other lifestyle-related diseases. Its products have gone through independent clinical studies carried out by Key Opinion Leaders (KOLs) and have featured in multiple peer-reviewed publications.

Moreover, the Company appears to be at a commercial inflexion point with increasing deal flow and growing revenues. It has signed many commercial agreements across its first- and second-generation platforms. Over 80 global food and healthcare supplement companies have collaborated with OptiBiotix to incorporate its microbiome modulators into a wide range of food products and drinks.

Extensive patent portfolio

OptiBiotix commands a leadership position in the industry with its extensive patent portfolio, covering both prebiotic and probiotic products in one of the hottest areas in healthcare. The Company is focused on the development of a two-stage prebiotic and probiotic commercialisation strategy, which is a major differentiator when compared to its close competitors. This approach helps the Company target a large healthcare market of cardiovascular disease, diabetes as well as obesity.

While many of its competitors are yet to launch any product for the human microbiome market, OptiBiotix’s strategy of launching two products (LPLDL® and SlimBiome®) with ‘low risk’ routes, is already generating results. At the same time, its second-generation products are well on track, with growing commercial traction.

Now that its products are being commercialised in over 160 countries, the Company’s vast Intellectual Property (IP) portfolio composed of patents, trademarks and strain deposits is helping to guard its commercial interests globally while prohibiting potential rivals from entering the field.

Awards and recognitions

OptiBiotix is one of the few microbiome companies to launch products being commercialised globally. On the back of some unique traits of its products, the Company has been able to win a range of awards and recognitions. It is worth noting that the Company’s products are protected by an extensive suite of patents and trademarks, and their safety and efficacy has been proven by independent human clinical studies.

Interestingly, the Company’s products have been nominated and won multiple scientific and industry awards since the first launch in 2017. A list of these awards and nominations are outlined below. 

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The fact that the Company’s products are regularly winning awards is not only an endorsement of its hard work, but also evokes confidence among consumers, business partners and investors alike. It shows that the Company has followed stringent benchmarking criteria to excel against the competitors.

Backed by a strong business model and an established product portfolio, OptiBiotix seems to be steadily gaining a robust foothold in the human microbiome market. The Company’s solid financial footprint (104 per cent increase in FY20 revenue), combined with enormous growth prospects, offer potential investors a lucrative chance to participate in its success story.


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