Founded in 2003, VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund Limited is a UK-based closed-ended investment company that invests in Vietnamese assets or in companies in which a major proportion (at least 75%) of assets, income and business operations are in Vietnam. It is listed on the London Stock Exchange publicly and is also falls under the FTSE 250 index. Some its subsidiaries are: Vietnam Investment Property Limited, Vietnam Investment Property Holdings Limited, and Vietnam Ventures Limited. 

The investments are made in a wide range of assets across industries and sectors. These include investments in private equity, operating assets, capital markets, real estate. The sectors in which the company invests include consumer discretionary, food and beverage, real estate and construction, mining and utilities, financial services etc. The investment manager of VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund Limited is VinaCapital Investment Management Limited (VCIM), which has got into an agreement with VinaCapital Fund Management JSC (VCFM). VCFM is a licensed fund manager that is domiciled in Vietnam and has been delegated some advisory and management functions of the company.

Vietnam is chosen as an investment destination by the company due to a lot of favourable reasons, like stable economic conditions, increasing GDP growth and growth in export market as well as foreign direct investment. Approximately 50% of the population in Vietnam is below 35 years of age, and as the economy is growing, the middle class in the country in rapidly expanding which has led to a continuous increase in the domestic consumption and has created a highly profitable and attractive market that companies across the globe are interested in.

The main goal of VinaCapital Vietnam Opportunity Fund is to build a high-quality and diversified portfolio to maximise the risk-adjusted returns for all stakeholders. The focus of the company is on medium and long-term growth. The company with the help of its subsidiaries invests in listed as well as unlisted financial instruments, including both debt and equity instruments.

The company follows well-defined standards of corporate governance and complies with the AIC Code of Corporate Governance. The AIC Code is framed as per the AIC guide that incorporates the principles and objective of UK Corporate Governance Code. It promotes a culture of trust, transparency, and accountability, and focuses on responsible investments that support sustainable growth. It also has a comprehensive ESG framework in place, and it strives to fulfil its social and environmental responsibilities along with its corporate responsibilities.

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company address VINACAPITAL VIETNAM OPPORTUNITY FUND PO Box 656, East Wing, Trafalgar Court, Les Banques, GY1 3PP, Guernsey

company phone+44.1481.745001

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