Founded in 2020, Trellus Health Plc is a US-based healthcare company that is engaged in the business of commercialising the solutions of chronic conditions for its clients and health plans that uses GRITT™ methodology. The company’s headquarters are in New York, United States. The company is the leader and the first and only digital health company that takes a resilience-first approach concentrated on the patient fully. The company coordinates its expert-driven personalised care and multidisciplinary connected health solution consisting behavioral and clinical health that is adaptable to all chronic conditions. The Company provides connected care model that addresses the mental and clinical health conditions of patients to enhance the results, build resilience, and decrease the costs of healthcare for employers, patients and the healthcare system.

The company through its platform TrellusElevate offers various services that include GRITT™ resilience-based methodology and HIPAA-compliant technology. TrellusElevate™ is a proprietary platform of the company that helps to coordinate and provide personalised care via telehealth. The platform assimilates the GRITT™ learnings and methodology on resilience through the practices and clinical research directs and manages at the Mount Sinai IBD Center in New York.

The Company is originally concentrated on Inflammatory Bowel Diseases, it consists incurable chronic conditions of ulcerative colitis and Crohn's Disease, but still contemplates to have potential utility and demand across many chronic conditions through the approach. The company utilises the GRITT™ resilience-based methodology and the multidisciplinary care model drive by the resilience to indicate the real improvements in results of patient over 85%. The company offers various solutions including Stratification and Personalized Connected Health Plan, Gold-Standard Clinical Care Delivered by Connected IBD Doctors or NPs, and Technology-Enabled 24/7 Access and Tracking with dedicated IBD care team of health practitioners.

Contact Information

company address Full Address: TRELLUS HEALTH PLC                                                                             44 S Broadway, Suite 100, White Plains, 10601, New York United States

company phone1 800 866 4165


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