Founded in 2006, Proton Motor Power Systems PLC was formerly known as Proton Power Systems PLC and is engaged in designing, developing, manufacturing and fuel cell hybrid systems, test fuel cells and associated technical components and operates with the green energy segment. The headquarters are at Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. The company is the developer and the producer of standard hydrogen fuel cell module, connected with an energy storage system to generate an electric fuel cell hybrid system able of supplying power for stationary, mobile, and maritime applications through its subsidiary Proton Motor Fuel Cell GmbH. SFN Cleantech Investment Limited is its subsidiary. 

The company offers solar battery storage products and uninterruptible power supply (UPS), PM Module S5 and S25. The company provides PM Module S5 and S25 with approx.  5 KW and for stationary power with over for stationary power with 25 KW. The company designs stationary power approximately 250 KW which is used in smart grid or UPS applications. The company provides solutions including produce hydrogen, fuel cell and tank facilities for hydrogen storage and offers engineering services and UPS and solar batteries. The company’s market segment includes IT and infrastructure, passenger ferry boats, heavy and light duty vehicles, city buses, smart grid applications.

The company serves to the markets where electric fuel cell hybrid systems provide considerable benefits over engine technologies and conventional combustions engines. The company offers mobile with 8 KW and over 25 KW fuel cell system to run as a range extender for the duty vehicle and inner city buses which are battery driven. The company’s standard fuel cell model has several advantages over current commercial alternatives such as shorter refuelling time, lower fuel consumption, consistent levels of power delivery, longer periods between refueling and zero harmful emissions.

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company address St Ann's Wharf, 112 Quayside, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE99 1SB, United Kingdom

company phone44 (0) 7798 554 191

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