European Opportunities Trust PLC (LON:JEO)


Set up in 2000, European Opportunities Trust PLC, previously known as Jupiter European Opportunities Trust PLC, is a speculation trust engaged with portfolio ventures. The company's primary goal is to put resources into European organisations, areas, or geological territories, which are considered by the investment management team to offer great possibilities for capital development taking into financial patterns and business advancement into consideration. The company is a part of the FTSE 250 index.  

The investment management team creates a stock-picking approach in the conviction that an exhaustive investigation and comprehension of an organisation is ideal for recognising long-term predominant development possibilities. This arrangement starts with identifying those firms where the structure and the board are helpful for the acknowledgment of the point of accomplishing overall long-haul income development. Portfolio risk is relieved by interest in a broadened diversification of ventures. The investment management team isn't compelled by benchmark weightings, area, geological location within Europe or market capitalisation, or size of organisation. In breaking down possible speculations, the team will utilise contrasting valuation methods relying upon their importance to the business qualities of a specific organization. The essential element will be the maintainability and development of free cash flow in the long term.

The company's motive is to put resources for the protection of European organisations and geological areas or territories, which offer possibilities for capital development. Its portfolio ranges across various locations, including Denmark, United Kingdom, Spain, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Belgium, and France. The company puts resources in different areas, including essential materials, industrials, buyer products, medical care, purchaser administrations, broadcast communications, monetary and data innovation. The company's asset director is Devon Equity Management Limited, and its elective venture administrator is Fundrock Management Company.

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company address European Opportunities Trust PLC 123, Victoria Street SW1E 6DE United Kingdom

company phone+44.20.39850445

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