Founded in 2008, BMO Managed Portfolio Trust is a UK-based closed-ended, multi-manager investment trust. The trust invests in a diverse range of investment companies that aims to offer exposure of different investment managers, geographies, and sectors within a single investment trust managed by BMO to its investor. The trust’s objective is to deliver high and attractive income and capital growth to its investor, it pays income dividends quarterly.  The trust manages two classes of shares with two separate investment portfolios that are Income Portfolio and the Growth Portfolio.

The Income Portfolio aims to offer attractive level of income and capital growth, whereas the Growth Portfolio aims to deliver capital growth to its shareholders through a diversified portfolio of investment companies. For both the portfolios, the company invests in a diversified portfolio of minimum 25 investment companies and their benchmark is: the FTSE All-Share Index.  The Income portfolio focuses on offering an income yield above its benchmark and the Growth Portfolio focuses on maximising the total return through capital growth above its benchmark.  The trust’s shares are listed on the premium segment of the official list of the Financial Conduct Authority and are traded on the London Stock Exchange since 2008 as LON: BMPG.

The trust has no employee and its board has appointed BMO Investment Business Limited as its investment manager, which is a part of BMO Global Asset Management, which is ultimately owned by Bank of Montreal. The trust focuses its investment in closed ended investment companies which are listed on the official list of the UK Listed Authority. The trust may also invest in other securities issued by investment companies; however the majority of trust holdings include equity investment. The trust may also invest in other closed ended investment companies up to 25% of the total assets of the relevant portfolio, whose shares are quoted on AIM or Regulated Exchange (Excluding Official list of the UK listing authority). Further, the trust can’t invest more than 10% of its total assets in UK listed investment companies that has themselves invested more than 15% of their total assets in other UK-listed investment companies. At the time of investment, the trust can’t invest in any holdings more than 15% of the relevant portfolio’s total assets. The manager of the trust can invest maximum of 20% of the total assets of the relevant portfolio in any investment company that is managed by the manager. There are no limit securities, the trust may only invest in any particular type of security. To diversify risk and for efficient management of portfolio, the trust may also invest in derivative instruments and up to 20% of the total asset of relevant portfolio the trust may use borrowing to enhance return and diversify risk, however, under trust’s Article of Association the maximum borrowing limit is 50%.

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