Avast PLC

  • Dec 24, 2019 GMT
  • Team Kalkine
Avast PLC

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Avast PLC is a well known name in next generation technologies. It is counted as one of the largest security companies in the world which used technologies which are up to speed with the next generation and aid in fighting cyber attacks in real time.

They are known to differ and stand out from other next-gen companies in their league. This is attributed to them having a massive cloud-based machine learning platform. This immense machine learning engine generates a continuous stream of data from their wide database which is hundreds of millions of users. This in turn makes their artificial intelligence system smarter and quicker than anyone else that is prevalent.

Avast's history traces the development of advances in personal technology, the emergence of the internet, and the introduction of technology into almost every part of the increasingly digital life of people.

Avast PLC has been successful in developing a flexible security infrastructure. This setup is based on the cloud that sees everything happening across the internet. Be it anything offline which could be good or bad, they have an eye on and an overview of everything happening around. This gives them an added advantage which is unique and favorable, putting the company in the position of being the first one to review and evaluate any potential threats. They also can very easily deploy new security features for any purpose. These feature upgrades help to protect their users when a new malware is found that could possibly cause harm. They are proud to prevent and stop approximately 1.5 billion attacks and threats every month. This is possible because of their advanced threat protection that helps keeps businesses safe and secure.

Their team of experts

The company has always followed and encouraged a creative approach to security driven by technology. This comes from its strong team of some of the world's most talented and experienced security engineers who work together to make the company the name it is today. The company is headquartered in Prague which is a high performing center of excellence for computer science and engineering. Research and development employees make up almost fifty percent of its employees. They are now known to attract the best and the brightest talent.

Their team consists of some of the most renowned scientists, engineers, and mathematicians who come from some of the most respected institutions, including Harvard, MIT, Oxford, and NASA. Their growth is driven by their hardworking team which brings along a passionate culture of delivering value and their with an agenda of what they call as - beating the bad guys.

Under the guidance and direction of Ondrej Vleck, who is the Chief Executive officer at the company. Together with his senior management team, he has successfully carried out the vision of the company to provide people-centered security. He also leads initiatives for product innovation and development for the company. Along with that he also works on emerging and growing areas of consumer technology, including the Internet of things and 5G security. He was also a key member who was a part of the executive team that was working towards getting the company listed on the London Stock Exchange in 2018.

Stats, Reach and Vision

The company proudly has over four hundred million monthly active users. It is widely accepted and known as being the most trusted and the top brand in mobile security and consumer security. They are well spread out across the world with presence in prominent markets like The United States of America and Canada. Along with these it also has its footprint in France, Germany, Brazil and Russia. They are also present in Japan, China, Serbia and Switzerland among other locations. With their offices worldwide they employ over seventeen hundred employees working relentlessly with passion and vigor to help the company achieve its mission and vision.

Avast works together to bring together an interplay of artificial intelligence with human ingenuity. With this they have been able to create the largest cyber security network in the world. This setup helps protects people and businesses from online attacks. With sophisticated, easy-to-use solutions, they aim to protect data, identity, and privacy of their users.

Their ever growing and evolving portfolio of patents is focused on four key areas that the company focusses on. These are – AI and Machine learning, Internet of Things, Malware Detection and Blocking and Location technologies.


Privacy and Security- This involves protecting the online security for users along with their privacy. The product for this is a premium award winning, cross platform VPN which is free to use for users. They also offer various other antivirus products. In addition, their users can also make use of the Avast Secure Browser for their private online browsing.

Family Safety- This segment has offerings that bring families closer. With apps that let families track their children’s locations and keep a control on their online activities. These apps are available on the app stores and also through telecom carriers.

Business Security- Under this segment the company focusses on protecting small and medium-sized companies from the growing cyber threats. These could be threats of downtime, loss of income or reputational damage caused by cyber-attacks. The company caters to these threats with the help of their integrated, structured endpoint and network security solutions.

Utilities­­- This segment is for helping their users to boost their productivity. This is done via the aid of cleanup and performance products. These products are capable of optimizing their personal computers by deleting unwanted files.

IoT Security- This involves securing home Wi-Fi networks and all smart devices connected to them. This is available directly to consumers as well as via telecommunications partners. This aids in helping to keep their subscribers secure against any attacks and misuse.

The company is going strong over the years as has been granted over one hundred and sixty five patents as their best in class security product like their Free Antivirus has been awarded the Product of the Year 2018.

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