DPLM, CKN, SRE: How did these mid-cap stocks perform this year?

By - Team Kalkine Media


  • The UK economy is suffering the most among the G7 countries.
  • The country's economy shrank by 0.3% in the quarter to September.

The UK's economic contraction was revised to 0.3% for the third quarter of this year from 0.2%, announced last month. Data from the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Thursday showed that the economy took a bigger hit than was earlier estimated. The latest data also bring the economy 0.8% lower than prior to the coronavirus pandemic. Previous estimates had shown the economy was 0.4% down against the pre-COVID period.

The revisions from the ONS show that the UK economy is suffering the most among the G7 countries. Other members of the group have witnessed a smaller fall in the economy. Besides the UK, Japan was the only nation with a fall of 0.2%. Both US and Canada saw economic growth of about 0.7% in the three months to September, while Italy reported a 0.5% growth. Germany was up 0.4%, and France posted a 0.2% economic growth.

Image source: iQoncept, Shutterstock.com

According to experts, the UK's economic contraction reflects a bigger decline in manufacturing and production than previously projected. The changing consumer behaviour could cause this decline due to soaring inflation and the cost-of-living crisis, leading to a fall in demand. Supply chain issues caused by geopolitical tensions have also aggravated the situation.

In the wake of this information, let us look at three mid-cap stocks and how they have been performing.

Diploma Plc (LON: DPLM)

Diploma Plc is an FTSE 250 constituent in the business of supplying specialised technical products. As of 23 December 2022, the company has a market capitalisation of £3,501.00 million, and the EPS stands at 0.44. Its stock was trading 0.78% lower at GBX 2,786.00 as of Friday morning at 8:25 am GMT. DPLM’s 12-month return is negative at -16.49%.