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Kalkine Media UK is one of the most reliable and fastest sources of live news of the London Stocks Exchange listed companies, other than that it also offers you all the major corporate and economic happenings which will keep you glued to the latest events in the day-to day market activities.

The UK live news covers all the latest happening at LSE, the movers, the newsmakers who keep the stock markets in action. Covering all the important stories from the LSE and its major indices FTSE 100, FTSE 250, FTSE 350, FTSE All Share and FTSE AIM. Get the latest from different industry, economy or government which will impact the latest stock market performance.

Kalkine Media is a high-quality content-driven platform. Basically, we focus on 3Cs -- commodities, currency, and cryptocurrency. We understand that buying stocks and investing your hard-earned money takes in a lot of research and understanding. At Kalkine, we have a dedicated and a passionate team of financial journalists, sector experts, and editors who understand the markets and comes up with the best analysis and latest news and is helping us grow our reader base.

Besides news, stock-based articles and analysis, macro and microeconomic updates, educational and PR write-ups are also our forte. We operate on the advertiser model – a publisher firm under its B2B umbrella, providing a dedicated platform to the subscribed clients.