Tilt Renewables (NZX:TLT) shares quarterly update, registers massive production. | NZ |

The soaring production, as per the release, is triggered by a massive energy contribution of 189 Gigawatt hours done by the 336MW Dundonnell Wind Farm (DDWF).

Māori at risk of COVID-19, lwi Chairs Forum asks government to prioritize them too It should be noted that the vaccination strategy does not feature kaumātua and Māori in the risk-group and highlighting the point, the National Iwi Chairs forum said that the government should do more to discuss vaccination strategies with Māori

* Sea spurge weed invades the shores in Aotearoa Sea spurge invades the shores of the sea just above the high tide mark, disturbs the sand dunes, and do not let the native plants to grow. And since it spreads quickly, it can ruin a whole area in a very small amount of time.



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