Commerce Commission shuts down probe related to purchases made by Beijer. | NZ |

New Zealand’s Commerce Commission has shut down its inquiry into Beijer (Ref AB’s 2018) buying of Heatcraft NZ, and its last year possession of a right to trade in HFC (hydrofluorocarbons) into the NZ region. Beijer had accomplished both the transactions without getting it cleared or authorized by the Commission.

Economists Suggest Solutions to Chronic Kiwi Housing Shortage Economists say that the first thing which you could try is to break the bespoke housing model, which is quite often expensive and inefficient. Furthermore, economists say that people could also try to scale up and build multiple, prefabricated, dwellings.

* Apple on the road? Tech giant eyes car production by 2024. The smart gadget company has been working on Project Titan on and off since 2014 when Apple designed the first draft for the vehicle. However, Project Titan was left unfinished when Apple chose to focus on software developments.



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