Skellerup Holdings (NZX:SKL) on a high after stellar annual results

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Skellerup Holdings (NZX:SKL) on a high after stellar annual results

 Skellerup Holdings (NZX:SKL) on a high after stellar annual results
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  • Skellerup offers 38% Y-o-Y NPAT growth in its annual results.
  • Higher EBIT and revenue indicated steady growth made by the Company.
  • The Company is offering a final dividend of 10.5c, reflecting the good results.
  • The Company acquires Talbot Technologies as part of its focused growth regime.

In a recent announcement made by Skellerup Holdings Limited (NZX:SKL), it shed light on its annual results for the period till 30 June 2021. With a massive 38% increase in the NPAT, the Company recorded it at NZ$40.2 million, while the revenue was up by 11% from pcp at NZ$279.5 million.

The EBIT for the Industrial Division was recorded 57% higher than pcp at NZ$32.7 million, while that for the Agri Division was up 20% at NZ$30.5 million suggesting strong and steady growth for the Company. While the operating cash flow for the period was recorded at NZ$58.8 million, which was 22% higher than pcp, there was a NZ$19.8 million decrease seen in the net debt, now standing at NZ$8.7 million.

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Owing to the good results earned by the Company, it announced a final dividend of 10.5c with a 50% imputation, which brings the FY21 total dividend to 17.0cps (50% imputed), which is 31% more than pcp.

David Mair, the CEO of the Company, was of the view that the growth and earnings were the outcomes of the continued efforts towards

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Working on the specific requirements of the clients and offering them customised engineered products that are then used in a number of complex applications that provide the end solutions. With products that are important for things like supplying safe water for drinking, appliance performance in home and office settings, shops, hygiene and health systems in hospitals, milk and related products’ production, leisure, and sports equipment and so on.

Future focus

He was further of the view that the Company’s focus was to deliver good financial results and growth in the future too. With investment being put into skilled teams for the production of better-end products. The process of design and review is made such that there is least wastage. Rendering support to the societies where the Company operates, its vision is to grow in a manner that is beneficial for all.

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COVID-19 implications

Addressing the COVID-19-related implications to the business, he explained how the Company’s teams all over the world faced challenges, but were efficiently coping with them. The aim of creating a workspace that is sustainable, socially responsible and saves as much energy as possible, while ensuring workplace safety being paramount.

Acquisition announcement

Most recently, the Company has announced the acquisition of Talbot Technologies Limited for a sum of NZ$10 million. Speaking about the acquisition, Mair welcomed the addition to the Company, mentioning how it would strengthen the skill set and expertise for the team.

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Bottom Line

Currently high on the good results and recent acquisition, the Company is focused on strategic future growth. While keeping COVID-19-related challenges in mind, it hopes to tread further with its efforts of earning profits alongside offering sustainable results to the clients.

On 24 August 2021, Skellerup Holdings Limited traded at NZ$5.450, up by 0.18% at the time of writing.


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