TRU, FPH, SUM: Why are these NZX healthcare stocks in news today?

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TRU, FPH, SUM: Why are these NZX healthcare stocks in news today?

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  • NZers can get updated vaccine passes from 24 May
  • TruScreen Group receives the validation of the superiority of its cancer screening method over available alternatives
  • Fisher & Paykel Healthcare to publish its FY22 result on 25 May

Today, the NZ Government announced the availability of updated COVID-19 vaccine passes later in the month.

Kiwis aged 12 and over can download the updated passes from 24 May. Though My Vaccine Pass is not legally required, NZers are encouraged to have their passes updated as it is an important record of their vaccination status, cites Chris Hipkins, New Zealand’s COVID-19 Response Minister.

It is noted that the updated vaccine pass will be slightly different in look and design from the previous one but will bear a QR code and will get expired in six months from the date of issue.

That said, let us now have a look at the three NZX-listed healthcare stocks which investors can get acquainted with.

NZ healthcare stocks- TRU, FPH, SUM

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TruScreen Group Limited (NZX:TRU; ASX:TRU)

Functioning as a medical device company, TruScreen Group Limited has recently announced that China-based COGA trial has validated the superiority of its cancer screening method.

The said trial, which took three years to complete and was done on more than 15,000 women across 64 hospitals, determined TruScreen’s method to be simple and effective, offering real-time results in cervical cancer screening. Moreover, the COGA trial results also highlighted the relative effectiveness of TRU’s screening methods over other cervical cancer screening methods.

At the time of writing on 13 May, TRU was down 5.48% at NZ$0.069.

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Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited (NZX:FPH; ASX:FPH)

Second on the list is Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Corporation Limited, whose products are sold in more than 120 countries.

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The Company revealed publishing its FY22 results on 25 May and holding a conference call soon after the result announcement.

Also, it intends to hold its Investor Day on 26 May, which will give an opportunity to its investors to meet the Company’s top management and get to know FPH’s new products, its clinical benefits and growth opportunities.

It is noted that as of now, Investor Day will be presented in person, but the Company may move this session to online-only in case of increased COVID-19 protection measures.

At the time of writing on 13 May, FPH was gaining 2.36% at NZ$20.830.

Summerset Group Holdings Limited (NZX:SUM; ASX:SNZ)

Summerset Group Holdings Limited operates more than 30 retirement villages across NZ, providing a range of independent living and care options to its residents.

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Last month, the Company had organised its Annual Shareholder Meeting, wherein resolutions were passed for the re-election of a few directors and to empower the Board to determine the auditor's remuneration.

Another resolution was carried out to increase the maximum aggregate amount of remuneration payable to SUM’s directors.

At the time of writing on 13 May, SUM was declining 0.09% at NZ$10.630.

Bottom Line

NZ healthcare stocks have shown resilience and continue to focus on providing quality services and products to their customers even amid uncertainties related to the COVID-19 pandemic.


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